Anto's Advantage

Anthony O'Connor thinks that Argyle have the advantage heading into Saturday night's play-off first leg at Home Park... Wycombe will still be disappointed about missing out on automatic promotion.

Argyle's Irish midfielder also provided a counter-warning, noting that Wycombe would be no pushovers, and Saturday night will be a tough encounter against a team that held an automatic promotion place for a lengthy period. 

He said: "We’re at home first so hopefully we can get the crowd behind us, score a few goals and concede as few as possible. We'd like to get a clean sheet and take a lead to their place. They're not going to come here, sit in and hope for the best, their going to come at us as well, so we’re both going to be cautious of each other. They know what were good at and we know what their good at so we should be in for a good game - I don't think the crowd will be let down."

Argyle head into this fixture on the back of an impressive win away at Shrewsbury, and O'Connor is hopeful that Argyle can once again put in a good performance in a big game.

He said: "We’ve performed well in the big games this season: Exeter, Portsmouth, Shrewsbury. We seem to get points against the so called big teams, so we’re just going to treat this as a normal game. We’re going to have to play them at some point, so why not now? Go into next Thursday, get a good result there and then the big one in three weeks time."

Whilst the play-offs are a reward for an Argyle side that fought hard to secure seventh place, Wycombe missed out on automatic promotion on the last day of the season, and Anthony thinks their team will be disappointed that they aren't already on their holidays as a League One club.

"They might be a bit down," he said. "They were in the automatic promotion positions for such a long time. They probably thought they were going to go up automatically, so to fall at the last hurdle is going to be disappointing [for them], there is no hiding from that. If it was me, and I was in an promotion place all season then threw it away on the last day of the season, I would be gutted.

"Obviously they are going to be a bit down. Their gaffer's going to be telling them 'we've done well, we're in the play-offs.' I'm sure some of the players are disappointed that they are not on their holidays, already in League One, but that's something we'll take into consideration. We're on the up, we knew that we were just fighting for a play-off place all along. For us it's a big game, for them they are probably on a bit of a downer, so I think we have the advantage coming into the play-offs."