Medal of Honour

ARGYLE'S newest recruit Jordon Foster knows exactly what he wants from his time at Home Park.

"A medal," he says. 

"A medal and promotion."

Jordon, 22, is on-loan from Hibernian, and will be at Home Park until the end of the season. The centre-half arrived in Plymouth on Sunday, and says that the chance of being promoted is one of the things that attracted him to sign for the Pilgrims.

He said: "I had a couple of offers from Scotland and England but this was so attractive because of the chance to win a medal - as a player that is what you want to do.

"It's a long way from home but I spoke to my manager up there, Alan Stubbs, and he said that it's a really nice part of the country, there is a lot of history and on the footballing side the club are top of the league and looking to get promoted. The chance to win a medal is something that a footballer wants, so this club was the only club that were pushing for promotion and giving me the chance to win a medal; that was the main thing that persuaded me."

Jordon is the fourth of Derek Adams' signings to make the move from Scotland to Devon to play for the Pilgrims, and insists that Derek's reputation is key to attracting players to Argyle.

He said: "Jake [Jervis] has come down, [Gregg] Wylde, Graham [Carey] is here, so there is a few Scottish boys. The boys are doing well so I am hopefully going to improve that very slightly and help [us] get promoted.

"A lot of people in Scotland talk very highly of him and since I have came down here the people I have spoke to have spoke highly of him as well, so it speaks for itself what type of manager he is, and that he is good at his job. I'm just happy that he wanted me to come down here. As a player, when a manager wants you somewhere, it makes all the difference, so I am just happy to be here.

"I think in Scotland he has got a really good reputation, so when a manager phones you from so far away and says he wants you in the club then, it is hard to turn down. He was telling me on Tuesday night there was nearly 10,000 fans here so it is obviously a really big club and we could win a medal at the end of the season."

Derek and Jordon were briefly at Hibernian together, although they did not work closely as Derek was assistant manager and Jordon was with the youth team at the time.

"I was about maybe 17 or 18," said Jordon. "It was about five years ago. I never really worked that close with him as I was in the youth and he was with the first team. I have played against his teams a couple of times and scored a couple of goals, so maybe that has helped me."

Argyle's squad has seemed a tight-knit community without any cliques in it, which could be vital, Jordan has said. 

"It is my third day of training so I do not know them all too well, but the boys seem brilliant. I was saying to the manager that up at Hibs, it is an amazing squad and down here is very much the same. There are no cliques, which in some dressing rooms you find. I think it is important when you are trying to get promoted and the team are doing well, the dressing room needs to be very close and stick by each other."