iFollow Season-Ticket Update

With Monday’s Sky Bet League One clash with Portsmouth live on Sky television, we urge season-ticket holding supporters to ensure their ticketing email address matches their iFollow account.

We have advised supporters throughout the season that season-ticket holders need to ensure that the email address on record at the Home Park Ticket Office is consistent with their iFollow account.

At the time of writing, we can see that around 90% of supporters have completed this important step, ensuring that they receive automatic access to the Greens’ home league fixtures until fans are allowed to return to stadia.

Due to the nature of the televised fixture, there will be no ad-hoc access codes available through the Home Park Ticket Office. This means that, if you have not updated your iFollow account to receive automatic home league game access, the club will be unable to help season-ticket holders access the game on Monday.

There is still time to update your account, and supporters have until 4pm on Friday, 13 November, to provide their details to tickets@pafc.co.uk.

How can I check I have got access to this game?

In order for season-ticket holders to check whether they have been granted access to the Season Ticket Licence, it's a simple four-step process to do so.

  1. Log in to your iFollow account on the club website
  2. Click your name in the navigation bar top right to get to 'My Account page'
  3. Scroll down to Purchased packages.
  4. Click the + sign next to 'Purchased Packages'

If they have been granted access, you will see 'Season Ticket – Plymouth Argyle as shown below:

Image removed.

If it doesn’t show, then you have not set up an iFollow account using the registered email we have for you, therefore you will not be automatically granted access.