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Stadium Capacity Update

Following a comprehensive review of the stadium operations and layout of Home Park over the close season, we are delighted to confirm we have received approval to increase our match capacity by over 600 seats for the upcoming Sky Bet League One campaign.

With six fixtures completely sold out at the Theatre of Greens during the 21/22 season, club management considered it an absolute priority to assess how we can maximise seats within the stadium for the upcoming season, working with key local stakeholders like our Safety Advisory Group (SAG) to achieve this result.

There are two key changes heading into next season, and the capacity elevation is subject to trial – so we request that all supporters continue to follow club and safety team guidance to ensure that we can retain this increase for the longer term.

The first change is that, following discussions with our SAG, the club has received agreement to increase the operational capacity in the Upper Mayflower Grandstand to 75%, up from 50% last season, allowing us to sell more tickets in this area.

In addition, facility enhancements have been undertaken in the Lyndhurst Road Stand and Barn Park End, with a view to minimising the segregation gap between home and away supporters. Meanwhile, the removal of a small number of seats for the installation of our Big Screen also reduces the impact of footfall in that area.

Additional bars and toilet provisions will be introduced in the adjoining corner of that side of the stadium, but we advise that these facilities do remain limited, and are unsuitable for families.

As a result, we are able to significantly reduce the segregation netting - which was a frustration for staff and supporters alike last season - and increase the number of sellable seats in Block 20.

Please note that none of these additional seats in the Lyndhurst Road Stand or Barn Park End will be offered as season tickets, but will instead be made available on game-by-game basis.

Of course, our ability to operate with a reduced segregation netting in the longer term is contingent upon supporters’ behaviour and continued approval of SAG – and so, once again, we ask supporters to co-operate with the club to ensure that we can continue to maximise the capacity at Home Park.

Taking into account these changes, a sold-out stadium next season (including away supporters), will come in at roughly 17,000. To understand further how our capacity attendance is calculated, check out an in-depth article published last season which goes into further detail.

Argyle’s Head of Venue, Christian Kent, said: “We’re very pleased to be able to maximise the stadium for our supporters next season, and thank SAG for their support in achieving this goal.

“With attendances as high as they have been, and season ticket sales going so strongly, we know it’s vital that we maximise the capacity of Home Park, and the close season has been our first opportunity to make the necessary arrangements.

“We will need our supporters to work with us in order to maintain this status for the long term, and I thank them in advance for their co-operation.”

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