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Social Media Policy

Our Vision

Plymouth Argyle is a successful football club supported or respected by everyone in the South West and many beyond.

Our Values

Our Values describe how we expect our people to behave, and will enable our Vision to be achieved.

Our Values include:

1 Engagement with fans, taking into account the views and needs of supporters.

This engagement is important to us and the club will communicate with fans regularly via the Press and other media; Fans Forums, Assembly; online Q & As; and social media.

We treat our fans with the respect they deserve.

Respect also extends beyond our fans to our suppliers; to our relationships between colleagues; and to the wider community.

This respect will help us appeal to a wider audience. We are keen to attract new supporters; to develop our family friendly reputation; and to encourage younger fans to visit and enjoy Home Park regularly.

2 We give everyone a voice and welcome challenge but we will strive to create environments – real and virtual – in which everyone can work, watch football, and share opinion free from intimidation, victimisation or harassment.

3 We welcome the passion, enthusiasm and engagement of our supporters, but will not tolerate abuse of our staff, club officials or of fellow supporters.

It is entirely consistent with our Vision and Values to strive to maintain the club’s social media platforms as places which embrace those Values.

We will not tolerate abuse, bullying, harassment, discrimination or any inappropriate behaviour or language on any social media platform especially the platforms under the control of the club.

Any inappropriate on-line behaviour will result in action being taken by the club.

Depending on the severity of the behaviour, that action may range from a warning to an immediate removal from the social media platform or being banned from entering club premises.

The club shall, on application, divulge the reasons for such action being deemed necessary and appropriate.

An appeals process will be available. At the conclusion of each season the club will, on written application, consider requests for any person who has been subjected to any club sanction to have such sanction reviewed.