Bumper Argyle Summer Quiz 2015 - Part Five

HERE are the final two rounds for this year's epic Summer Quiz.

Now all ten round are published, we will accept full answer submissions to media@pafc.co.uk.  Monday's questions can be found here, with Tuesday's here.  Wednesday's questions are here, and Thursday's here.

Closing date for entry is 5pm on Friday, July 10, 2015. The winner will be the entrant with the most correct answers. In the event of a tie, one of the highest scorers will be selected at random as overall winner.     

The prize, as always, is our famous 'Box of Whatever'. The Box of Whatever is the upshot of the annual tidy-up of the Communications Office, which yields all manner of goodies. This year's Box of Whatever includes (but is not limited to) signed t-shirts; match DVDs; sweets; Argyle shorts; a Celtic shirt (well, it is green and white); posters; team sheets; laces; a scarf; and more. 

Round nine asks you to engage eyes as well as brain, whereas round ten needs to you take in the whole of last season...

Round 9 - Picture This

1) Who is taking a penalty at the time of this picture being taken?

2) Name the former Argyle player challenging Lee Cox

3) Who is this former Pilgrim that popped along to watch us play another of his former teams?

4) Who is sparring with Smalley? 

5) At which game was this picture taken? 

6) The ball is on its way for an Argyle goal. Who is scoring it?

7) Who is frightening Coxy?

8) Who is the goalkeeper that cannot quite get there? 

9) Who is gutted by the result at Carlisle? 

10) And finally....who is this?

Round 10 - Goalscorers

Please name every player to have scored for Argyle this season, in all competitions. There are 19 - therefore we will only accept your first 19 answers or fewer. Half a point for each correct answer, plus a bonus half point if you get them all. Penalty shoot-outs do not count.