Argyle Ladies Need Your Help

ARGYLE ladies' team has been fortunate to have a workforce for over the past ten years to help develop and sustain the football club...

...but unfortunately, due to various circumstances, the ladies club is now in need of some help, with positions of chairperson, treasurer, fundraising secretary and media secretary all needding to be filled. Below are the job specifications for each position. If you are interested in assisting, please contact Mark Lovell on 01752 562561 (extension 4) or e-mail

A chairperson to oversee the ladies football and ensure its longevity The Chair will responsible to chairing meetings and AGM, assists the secretary to produce the agendas and head the Committee in making decisions for the benefit of the whole club including disciplinary matters and ensuring that the ladies club continues to thrive throughout the season.

As the Chairperson of the Club, it is essential you are a strong leader who can be objective.

How much time will I need to give to the job?
Two to three hours per month for meetings etc.

What sorts of tasks are involved?
Tasks will include:
• Chair committee meetings/AGM;
• Agree monthly agenda for committee meetings and the AGM
• Liaise with partners, sponsors, league on various matters

The post holder will be responsible to the club committees and the main responsibility will be to look after the finances of the club.

The Treasurer must be well organised, able to keep records, careful when handling money and cheques, scrupulously honest, able to answer questions in meetings, confident handling figures and prepared to take instant decisions when necessary.

How much time will I need to give to the job?
Approximately two to three hours per week.

Tasks will include:
• Collecting subscriptions and all money due to the organisation;
• Paying the bills and recording information;
• Keeping up-to -date records of all financial transactions;
• Ensuring that all cash and cheques are promptly deposited in the bank or building society;
• Ensuring that funds are spent properly;
• Issuing receipts for all money received and recording this information;
• Reporting regularly to the Committee on the financial position;
• Preparing a year end statement of accounts to present to the auditors;
• Presenting a year-end financial report to the AGM ;
• Financial planning, including producing an annual budget and monitoring it throughout the year;
• Helping to prepare and submit any statutory documents that are required (eg, VAT returns, PAYE and NI returns, grant aid reports). 

Fund-raising Secretary
The post holder will be responsible to the club committee and the primary focus of the role will be to raise funds for the club.

It is essential to have good organisational skills, be innovative, enthusiastic and prepared to make a regular time commitment. It would be useful if you have completed grant applications.

How much time will I need to give to the job?
On average three or four hours each week, but this could rise to eight hours around the time of fund-raising events.

Tasks will include:
• Applying for grants / sponsorship or other forms of financial assistance from organisations such as Sport England/Football Foundation, Local Authorities or commercial companies
• Coordinating fund-raising events, possibly three major events a year
• Ensuring events and activities are properly licensed with local authorities
• Promoting fund-raising activities in press.
• Ensuring that funds are properly accounted for and information is passed on to the Treasurer;
• Selling of lottery style draws/raffles

Media Secretary
The post holder will report to the committee and main focus will be to raise the profile of Plymouth Argyle FC Ladies.

As the Media Secretary, it is essential to have good communication skills and ability to produce coherent match reports, press releases and so on. Access to a fax, telephone and computer with email are necessary.

Role requirements:
• To raise the profile of the club in the local community
• To be available to talk to local media
• To coordinate weekly match reports for all teams and age groups to be forwarded to the local press
• To edit the match day programme

How much time will I need to give to the job?
Approximately two hours per week.

If you would like to help support Argyle Ladies in one of these roles we would love to hear from you. If you would like more information please contact Mark Lovell on 01752 562561 (extension 4) or e-mail