Ticketing FAQ

IN response to inaccurate information being posted on various social media sites over the weekend, and also a significant number of enquiries being received by the club, the following aims to clarify Argyle’s ticketing policy.

None of the answers comprise new policy – they simply repeat and amplify information already available in ticketing T&Cs and other policy documents.


Q: If I am unable to attend a home fixture, am I allowed to lend my season-ticket to a friend?
A: No. Season-tickets are not transferable and may only be used by the person whose details are on the card. However, if a season-ticket holder is unable to attend a match, it is possible to use the season-ticket to offset the cost of a match day ticket, for someone else, as follows: 

An early-bird Adult Member pays approximately £15.50 per match (£357 divided by 23 games). The Ticket Office will deduct this from the cost of a match-day ticket meaning that an adult ticket bought prior to the day of the match would cost £5.50 (£21-£15.50) plus fees, and, on the day of the match, £7.50 plus fees. 

Season-tickets bought at a different price will be treated in the same way, with the actual cost of the match-day ticket being rounded up to the nearest 50p or £1 to ease administration. 

For example, a post early-bird Over-65 concession is £304. This could be transferred to a pre match-day adult ticket for £8 (£304 divided by 23 = £13.22; £21-13.22= £7.78; rounded up to £8) plus fees, and, on the day of the match, £10 plus fees. 

The Ticket Office will know how much a member has paid for their season-ticket and reduce the match-day ticket price by the appropriate amount.  In order to take advantage of this facility, the season-ticket must be produced at the Ticket Office. A paper ticket will be issued and the season-ticket invalidated for that particular match. 

Disabled Tickets – Pricing

Q: What are the ticketing arrangements for disabled people?
A: For wheelchair users in all areas of the ground, and for other disabled people wishing to sit in the Disabled Enclosure, a Season/Match-day ticket concession is available. Ambulant disabled people wishing to sit in other areas of the ground pay the full ticket price at the concession relevant to their age.   

Disabled Tickets – Carer

Q: What are the qualifying criteria and conditions of use for a carer’s ticket?
A: In general, anyone in receipt of the higher rate of care, and higher rate of mobility of the DLA benefit, or enhanced rate of daily care and mobility for PIP is entitled to a free carer’s ticket. Anyone who does not meet the criteria for a complimentary carer’s ticket but genuinely needs the services of a carer to allow them to attend matches, should contact the club to discuss their specific needs.  

Complimentary carer’s tickets are issued for the sole purpose of enabling a disabled supporter to attend the match and are issued in the disabled person’s name. As such, they are not valid, and must not be used if the disabled person does not attend the match.

Proof of age

Q: Why do I sometimes need to provide proof of age when collecting a season-ticket or match-day ticket?
A: Generous concessions are available for Over 65s, 18-21s, and Under-18s. In order to ensure that the correct concession is applied, and that the applicant is entitled to the concession, proof of ID and/or age may be requested by Ticket Office staff. Once this proof has been noted on our ticketing system, it will not normally be required to be produced in future seasons unless an application is made for a concession ticket that differs from the information held. 


Q: I have purchased match-day tickets in advance but have decided not to attend, or I am unable to attend – can I get a refund?
A: In normal circumstances we do not offer refunds. Instead, if the tickets are presented before the day of the fixture, we will exchange your tickets for ones for a future match. If you believe that exceptional circumstances have caused you to miss the match, please contact the club to discuss. 

Ticket administration charges

Q: What administration charges apply to tickets?
A: A booking fee of £1.35 per ticket will be charged for all purchases apart from those made in person at the Home Park Ticket Office. In addition to booking fees, a postage & packing fee of £1 will be applied, where appropriate, to each purchase from the Ticket Office (not each ticket).

A booking fee of £1.35 will also apply to ‘print from home’ tickets. An administration fee of £2.50 per ticket will be charged if the club is subsequently asked to print the ticket. An administration fee of £2.50 per ticket will also be charged for reprints, lost match tickets and ground transfers. 

An administration fee of £5 per ticket will be charged for replaced season-ticket membership cards.

Under-5 policy

Q: Do I have to pay for my child who is under five years old?
A: Genuine ‘babes in arms’ who are under five will be allowed in for free. However, it is no longer possible to reserve the seat adjacent to the purchased seat free of charge. If the under-five requires a seat, this must be purchased at the relevant concession (Under-18). 

Tickets – misuse

Q:  How does the club ensure that the ticket concessions are not abused?
A: Anti-fraud measures, including spot-checks, are used by the club to identify and prevent the misuse of tickets. The ticketing system allows us to see what tickets have been used on any given match-day and will indicate, for example, if a disabled carer’s ticket has been used but not the disabled person’s ticket.   

Any person using a ticket that they are not entitled to faces ejection from the ground; the confiscation of their ticket; and a possible ban from the club. No refund will be given for a match-day ticket or season-ticket obtained using false information or being used by a person who is not entitled to use it. In certain circumstances, legal procedures may be instigated.


Contact details             

Q: Who should I contact for any enquiries regarding ticket policy?

 A: All ticket enquiries should be directed at the ticket office in the first instance. For enquiries outside the club’s set policy, contact Club Secretary Zac Newton (zac.newton@pafc.co.uk);for disability specific questions, contact Disability Liaison Officer  Steph Barker (steph.barker@pafc.co.uk).