Crazy Days

ZAK Vyner described the atmosphere during his first Dockyard Derby as crazy.

Argyle and Portsmouth fans sold out Home Park and made for a raucous atmosphere through Saturday's game. The match finished 0-0, although that barely tells the story of a hard fought game.

It is safe to say the atmosphere all fans created was incredible and something Vyner enjoyed.

"It was crazy," he said. "I said down at pitch side that I couldn't hear. There was one point I was shouting at Foxy to go left and he couldn't hear me. He was literally just jogging along like I wasn't shouting anything, I had to get a bit of mud and throw it at him and use hand signals!

"It was crazy; it was amazing support from start to finish. Even when we were pushing, pushing, pushing and it wasn't happening for us, they were still getting behind us which is amazing.

Only loan from Bristol City, Zak is making the most of his time in the Westcountry, grateful for being able to come up against the diverse types of players that League One can offer. Today's game saw Zak come up against Brett Pitman, the division's second highest goalscorer.

"I feel like he's a similar striker to Danny Graham when we played Blackburn," said Zak. "His movements good, he's sharp in the box. He's a bit rough and tough; a bit ready; he's that type of striker and he tries to get in your head off the ball. He's a good player; I've come to play against players like that.

"I need to learn, as people call it, the 'dark arts' of the game. I feel like today I've dealt with him, Sonny's dealt with him, the whole back four's dealt with him cause he pulled off onto everybody today. I think he tried to work his magic on everyone today and we've stood up against it which was good.

"A few times just before the keepers kicked it up to us he'll (Pitman) back into you just before you're about to jump and it's just those little things that you're not ready for cause you're just sort of looking at the ball thinking I've got to head this ball and then he bounces you.

"It's good to play against a whole lot of different strikers; he's not a big lump but I've played against big lumps already and I've got to adapt to it.

"It's good to play against as many different strikers as I can."