Ed in the Right Direction

ARGYLE striker Ryan Taylor and Argyle manager Derek Adams welcomed back team mate Ryan Edwards to training this week following the defenders battle with testicular cancer.

Eddy returned back to Home Park on Wednesday for some light training in the gym. His last game for the Pilgrims was January 13, in a 1-1 draw away to Doncaster when he scored a second half equaliser. Ryan saw his team mates on Thursday who were all thrilled to see him.

Adams said: “It’s nice to see him back. He will come in and try and do as much as he can do. He has been through a difficult few months and he has come to the end of it. Now it is just about getting back to full fitness.

“It has been a difficult period for him. He has had chemotherapy and the operation. He is now trying to get his strength back to get back to full fitness. He will be working in the gym at this moment in time. He will do that until he is capable and has the strength to go further. Only he will be able to tell everybody else how long that is going to take.

“I think he will always have that as a goal and you always need to have a goal. If it is a goal that is possible, then he will try and get back before the end of the season. We have got either six weeks or two months between now and the end of the season. So, he still has a lot of time. He has come back in and the players have seen him this morning and he will be part of the squad again.”

Argyle striker Taylor admitted that seeing Eddy overcome the illness to return to the squad has given all the players a major boost for the rest of the season.

“I’ve just seen him this morning and he has got the all clear this week, which is a big boost for the football club,” said Taylor. “He is very happy today. I think once we got the news it was a pretty emotional time for everybody at the football club. He was just joking then saying he had been on the bike for twenty minutes’ yesterday and has woke up aching this morning, so he is feeling the effects!”