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SONNY Bradley admitted he was relieved to get back into the action on Good Friday after missing the last three games due to a kidney problem.

Bradley made an instant impact as the Greens thumped Southend 4-0 at Home Park helping the defence keep a clean sheet. Sonny stated it had been a very difficult few weeks for him but he is raring to go for the run in.

“It was massively frustrating,” said Sonny. “Sitting up in the stands watching my team play, feeling helpless is not a nice feeling. I just wanted to be in the mix and helping the boys wherever I could. To be out for those three games was disappointing. But I am back now, feeling back to where I was so and I’m going to continue to give my all.”

Sonny shed some light on the mysterious ‘illness’ that had kept him away from action for several weeks. “Initially I thought I had a stomach bug, but it continued so I rang a NHS helpline and with the symptoms I had they recommended me to go straight to Derriford Hospital and get a check up.

“I was a little bit worried. When I got there I had my bloods taken and they found out something was not right with my kidneys. I panicked a little bit; why they weren’t functioning properly we don’t know yet as I am still waiting for my results. But it was a very uncomfortable seven days stay. After three days in there I needed a biopsy. Just a small operation on my kidneys, but because I had that I was unable to play for a couple of weeks due to the seriousness of it.

“Four or five days after my operation they told me I probably wasn’t going to play again this season. Which for me was devastating; they looked after me really well. I had great support from all the staff at Argyle and everyone at the hospital. They got me back on my feet again. I’m still not 100%, health-wise, but I am building my fitness up and getting back into it. It has been difficult but I am ready for the last seven games.

“I’ve been part of the ups and the downs. I just want to help the lads as much as I can to be honest. I know the manager wanted me back, the lads wanted me back. So as soon as I got the go ahead to train I told the manager I was available. I have had to manage my injury, but I am back on my feet now and I don’t want to miss any more games.”

Bradley’s illness meant he was the second Argyle centre-back to be unavailable for selection on medical grounds. Earlier in the season Ryan Edwards underwent treatment for testicular cancer and is on his way to fully recovering, as he looks to take part in light training this month.

“Ryan’s illness is a lot more serious,” said Sonny.“But, for it to happen to both of us, my illness and Ryan’s in one season when we both play in the same position it isn’t nice for the manager either. I’m sure he has been looking at it like ‘what is going on?’. I think the boys have stepped in, Zak has done extremely well and so has Yann when he has played.

“Ryan has got our full support and I’m back now. Ryan will be back in at the end of the month, so the bad times have gone now and we are looking up.”