Derriford Hospital Christmas Visit 2018

IT is always a close-run thing as to who enjoys our annual traditional Christmas visit to Derriford Hospital the most - Derek and the boys or the young patients that they meet.

The players and coaching staff brought smiles to the faces of children in the children’s wards and Emergency Department, as well as the Teenage Cancer Trust breakout room, and thoroughly enjoyed dishing out gifts and talking with their young fans, their families and hospital staff.

They gave out out Argyle jester hats, beanies, Lego, selection boxes, cars and other assorted goodies.

Manager Derek Adams said: “We’re delighted to come to Derriford Hospital again to visit the sick children, some of them will be having to stay in over Christmas. So it’s about just bringing a wee bit of enjoyment and some Christmas presents to them. It’s nice to do that.”

Pilgrims defender Ryan Edwards met with teenagers affected by cancer being looked after by the Teenage cancer Trust, just as he was earlier this year. He said: “I just want to say a huge thank you to Kerry and Lucy and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

"It was great to come back and see patients who have been through similar to what I’ve been through; to see them getting stronger and getting through something, which I know is very tough.

"I’ve been there myself so I’ll be there to support them and it’s great to see them up and well. I just want to say thanks from myself and from Plymouth Argyle.”