In the Shop Window

THE January transfer window is almost upon us and Argyle manager Derek Adams has confirmed that all members of the Development Squad would be available for loan, if the right club came along.

It is that time of year when speculation mounts on possible players coming in and going out, but Derek did confirm there has been no enquiries about leading scorer Freddie Ladapo.

“All the reserves are up for loan, they have been for a period of time,” said Derek. “All nine of them are out to tender so to speak, they are all available.

“The clubs that have been circulated through the EFL and that has been going on for a good period of time, then we assess, is it the right football club for them? Is it the right time for them to do that?

“Speculation is speculation, it’s never going to go away. Until anything is concrete, we continue to work to try and get players into the football club. It is a difficult period in December, sometimes you go quickly. Other times, other clubs hold on to their players until they can get other players in. We are in that slot, so to speak, at this moment in time.

“We have had a number of enquires for some of our players and Freddie isn’t one of them.  At this moment in time “no” is the answer. He has done very well and we look to continue his progress like the other players. If you are going to score goals in this division, then people are going to watch.”

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