Smooth Transition

IT is now almost two months since Simon Hallett took over from James Brent as chairman of Plymouth Argyle Football Club and the transition has been pleasantly smooth.

Having previously worked as a director at Home Park, Simon assumed his new position with a depth of knowledge on the football club and, while generally based in the United States, he has been able to spend time with all areas of the Pilgrim operation over the past couple of weeks.

Simon was very complimentary about the work of first-team manager Derek Adams in a recent fans forum and, for the gaffer, he is clearly happy to have the same open lines of communication he enjoyed with James Brent.

“We’ve spoken at length a good number of times and I’ve spent time in his company,” said Derek. “It’s been good and always handy for him, when he comes over, to see how the football club is being run through all sections.

“He’s been talking to all departments at the club and it definitely gives him an understanding. When you become owner or chairman of any football club, you need to find out the smaller things because they eventually become the bigger things.

“He’s been able to get a better feel of what is happening at the football club. It [the transition] has been relatively smooth because the chairman was a director previously and part of the Board.

“It has been a bit different because the grandstand is being built and a lot of focus has to be on that to get it ready for August next year.

“It’s always nice when your boss is complimentary and he’s been like that with staff across the football club. There are a number of managers in the club working well within their departments.”

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