Ticket Fee Overhaul

WE are reducing our ticket charges and fees for the 2018-19 season.

Where possible, thanks to a renegotiated deal with our ticketing partners, we have removed some costs from processes related to purchasing tickets and associated administration, and greatly reduced others. 

Online booking fees are reduced, as is reprinting lost tickets. We are also retracting the cost of moving a season-ticket seat if the holder purchases additional tickets. 

Jamie Yabsley, Argyle Head of Marketing, said: "Following a renegotiated arrangement with Ticketmaster, we are pleased to be able to offer a reduction in the booking fee cost to supporters who choose to buy tickets online though our eticketing platform.

"As well as this, we hope that removing the booking fee for Season-ticket holders to move their season-ticket seat will encourage them to bring friends and family with them to Home Park more often."

Booking Fees
Buying a ticket in person at Ticket Office - no charge
Booking online - 75p (Was £1.35) no additional fee for print at print at home
Telephone booking - £1.50

£1 for all purchases

Season-Ticket holder to move seats - £2. However, if you are moving your seat and purchasing additional ticket, this process is now free. 

To reprint a lost match ticket - £2 (was £2.50) This includes e-tickets, season-ticket match tickets and individual match tickets.
To reprint a lost season-ticket - £5

Flexi Members 
Flexi Members will not be charged redeeming match tickets.