Watch England v Colombia with the GTs

ENGLAND take on Colombia on Tuesday night, as the Three Lions try to make it to the Wor;d Cup quarter-final.

If you are unsure of where to watch Harry Kane and the boys take on the South Americans, then consider joining us at Home Park, where the Green Taverners Suite, now situated in the car park behind the Grandstand will be screening the game. The marquee has five big screens, one 70" screen and a large projector - all in HD. 

The tent will open at 5pm, with the kick-off following at 7pm. 

Entry costs £5 and includes a pasty and a can. 

You can buy tickets for this event on the GT Ticketline: 0777 286 9958

The Green Taverners woulkd like to thank Plumbase for their sponsorship of this event.