Ruben Talks Big

ARGYLE’s match with Charlton Athletic on Saturday is set to be another huge match for the Pilgrims and their play off aspirations.

With Charlton having a dip in form leaving them five points behind the Pilgrims and Addicks manager Karl Robinson leaving on Thursday is set to be a cracker at the Valley, as Lee Bowyer takes caretaker charge for the first time. 

Nearly 3,000 of the Green Army will be marching on the capital, too, making it feels like as big a match as the Pilgrims have had this season. 

It is a bigger match for some of the London-based Argyle players, including midfielder Ruben Lamieras, who cannot wait to step onto the pitch on Saturday. 

Ruben, Portuguese-born but raised in North London, said: “It’s a big game. They’ll be a good side and we know we need to go there mentally and physical prepared. We can go there and get the job done. 

“A lot of family and friends are going to be there on Saturday so hopefully three points and a goal. I prefer playing with the in front of more people; the more that come the better. 

“Any side you come up against like that, if you go there thinking that way (negatively) you will be under the cosh. We just need to go there and take the game as it comes, but be aggressive and start the game on the front foot by taking the game to them.”

With Argyle set to take close to 3,000 fans on Saturday, the Jimmy Seed stand will be full to the brim of the Green Army; something Ruben and the squad appreciate. 

“They have always been good,” said Ruben. “We can feel the support especially at Home Park but away they have been fantastic, so it will be a good game. The London boys are excited for it too so there is a lot on the line and we want to do a good job.” 

Since coming into the side Ruben’s form has been excellent. Having been seen as slight of frame to some people, Ruben feels that does not affect his game. In fact, it has made him mentally stronger and pushed him to focus on how he can be ahead of his opponents. 

“I’ve always had that even when I was young,” he said. “I always dealt with failure really well. I have always had a point to prove and I still think I do now. It’s in the back of my mind I might not be the biggest, but my mind will always try to work quicker than everyone else’s. That’s always in my mind on how I can be quicker or up there mentally to be ahead. I’m never going to be 6”5 and massive - as long as my mind works quickly, I’ll be alright.”