STs - FAQs

WE have a fantastic response to our 2018-19 season-ticket launch, and a great reaction to the various initiatives that we have introduced to help the Green Army enjoy their match-day experience with the Pilgrims.

In order to keep you bang up to date with everything, we have created this page to answer any questions you might have about buying a season-ticket and one of our exciting new 1886 Memberships.

We will update this page as the queries come in.

Remember - you can download a copy of the 2018-19 season-ticket brochure here.

The form for those who want to pay by instalments is here.

How do I set up a Direct Debit to pay for my ticket?
You can buy your ticket online through and select ‘Zebra Finance Instalment Plan Application’ when making payment. From there, you will be able to apply for the Direct Debit scheme;


Download the Zebra Season Ticket Finance application form at; complete the application; and send the form to the relevant address.

How do you add the 1886 Membership to a season-ticket online?
Once you have bought your season-ticket, click on the ‘Memberships’ tab and select the 1886 Membership appropriate to the concession-level.

How does the Ticket Exchange work?
This applies if you are a season-ticket holder and an 1886 Member and we have a fixture that is a sell-out.

If the season-ticket holder cannot make the match, rather than the seat going spare, the season-ticket holder can sell the seat back to the club for a ‘fee’ which can then be used for a future ticketing purchase. The seat becomes free and the club can then sell it as a match-day sale, while the season-ticket holder makes something back from it.

What is the difference between Level 1 priority and Level 2 priority?
Level 1 priority entitles you to first option on tickets; Level 2 priority will give you the next option.

Can I collect my season ticket instead of paying £3?
No. We need to send all season-tickets cards out this close season as the Home Park redevelopment will disrupt normal services, including the Ticket Office. Ensuring our season-ticket holders receive their cards well in advance of the start of the 2018-19 season is a top priority. These are being sent Recorded Delivery to ensure there are no postage issues.

With the Flexi-Ticket you can get six-eight tickets, how do you know which game to attend?
As a Flexi-Ticket holder, you will get Level 2 priority on home games. This means that, when we announce ticketing arrangements for home matches next season, you will be able to redeem your Flexi-Ticket against any fixture. You can choose which games you wish to attend, up to the number of tickets you are entitled to. You can also buy more than one ticket per game up to the allocation. Flexi 6 is six games of your choice and Flexi 8 is eight games of your choice.

Can I print the application form for my season-ticket?
Please visit to download the application form.

The 1886 Membership states discounted tickets; can you tell me what the discount will be?
Typically, prices will be £1 cheaper than the standard match-day pricing for the 2018-19 season.

Is it possible to send me a season-ticket brochure?
All current members will be posted a season-ticket brochure in the next couple of weeks. Anyone who is buying a ticket for the first time and is not on our database can request a season-ticket brochure by calling the Plymouth Argyle Ticket Office on 01752 907700 or email

When can I book my seat in the redeveloped Mayflower Grandstand?
Any grandstand season-ticket holder from the 2017-18 season will be contacted before season-tickets go on sale for the 2019-20 season. At this point, they will be offered a seat as close as possible to their previous one.

Can I use Argyle vouchers to pay or part-pay for my season-ticket?
Yes, you can.