Family Sticks Together

ARGYLE manager Derek Adams has asked for family unity to help pull the club away from a difficult run of results in Sky Bet League One.

There is no hiding from the frustration felt by all after Saturday’s 3-2 loss to Burton Albion, particularly after twice leading through Freddie Ladapo and conceding three goals from set-piece situations, but the manner of some comments have upset the boss. 

The magnificent Green Army have every right to voice their concerns when things don’t go well but there is no lack of effort from Derek, his staff and players, which makes the nature of the criticism from a vocal minority difficult to take.

“We’re all trying our best and the players tried their best,” said Derek. “Unfortunately, we lost but we scored two goals, and we could have scored more.

“I want to do my best for the football club and, at this moment in time, we should be sticking together and being stronger as a unit, but that’s not happening.

“There are a number of people not sticking together and that hasn’t helped us in the game [against Burton]. There is an atmosphere that’s not good at times, which is disappointing.

“It’s from a minority of fans but they’re the ones that are being heard. We’re five points off 18th position; we’re not where we want to be and we can’t take away from the fact that we’ve not defended our box well enough.

“The manager of the football club is always under pressure but that’s what happens. I’m happy in the position I’m in, I enjoy coming into work and I’ll keep working hard for the football club.

“When you’re the fifth longest serving-manager and the second most successful, you do deserve a little more respect than some people are giving. We are trying our best, we’re in a position we don’t want to be but why would you turn against your own. Why would you turn against people who are trying hard for the football club.

"It’s the nature of the world at the moment but a football club sticks together. The atmosphere right now is not doing this football club any good 

“They can be very critical toward myself but show a bit of respect. We want them to support their own. When you turn your back on your family, that’s a coward’s way out.”