Peter Grant pre Doncaster H 2

Peter Grant senior played in the Celtic midfield more than 350 times and he was in attendance to watch his son make his first appearance in the Green and White of Argyle away to Charlton Athletic.

Peter said: “He was at the Valley at the weekend; my family are based in Norwich so it’s not too long a drive to get there. When I told him I was involved at the weekend, he managed to drive down and then, due to the circumstances with injuries I managed to get on the pitch early in the game.

“He was there for my debut for Argyle. It worked out okay but I’m hopeful my family will try and get to more games as the season goes on.”

There is sometimes an unfortunate assumption which follows the kids of famous footballers that they have something to prove because their name precedes them but, the defender thinks, if anything, that pressure is a positive.

“I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a hindrance, if anything it’s a bonus,” he said. “My dad experienced all the leagues down here, the Championship all the way down to League Two, and had success. He played in the Premier League as well.

“He’s been to Home Park on numerous occasions. He’s played and coached against every team in this division and every other division. To have that advice coming from him is massive to me.

The 24 year-old will always take on board tips from his old man in the hope that it will make him a better player in the long run

“He has been nothing but a massive positive and influence on me,” he said. “He gives me advice every week after the games; it’s always a massive help.

“To have someone like that to bounce off of is crucial and only set me in good stead in the past and will in the future."