Andrew Parkinson Interview

ARGYLE’s newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer Andrew Parkinson could not have taken over at a more interesting time in the club’s post-administration history – with big changes afoot on and off the pitch.

Andrew, who is no stranger to Argyle, having previously occupied the role of Executive Lead of Hospitality and Events at Home Park, took over from outgoing CEO Michael Dunford at the end of Argyle’s ill-fated Sky Bet League One campaign.

Now that the dust has settled, he sat down with Argyle Media to discuss big plans for the Pilgrims. You can watch the full 15-minute interview free on iFollow Argyle, where Andrew talked about…

Appointing a new manager…

“As soon as, by mutual consent, Derek and the club parted, we have been involved in a robust process to look at who the successor should be.

“It’s been really full-on to do that. We have to be very swift in how we do that - but we also have to make sure that we get the right person. There has been no shortage of interest, a club like Argyle attracts a lot of people.

“We’ve got wide-ranging interest, lots of different candidates to have considered. We’re right on track with that process, we’re exactly where we want to be. We’ll go through a process, which means hopefully get to an appointment very quickly, but get the right person.

“First and foremost, it’s about football results but there are other characteristics that are really important. The one Argyle approach is really important. We’re very mindful of getting the right person and doing that quickly. We are right on track.”

Season ticket prices…

“At this stage, we are not going to reduce season ticket prices. It’s good value for money overall.

“It’s not just a seat - you are buying into the club, and being part of Argyle. You are part of that group who follow Argyle every week. You have the opportunity to get away tickets first, discounts in retail, other opportunities outside of football, and there is going to be a lot more activity outside the games.

“We introduced a £10 for eight-year-olds. That is £10 for the season, to emphasise that. We have re-aligned the prices for under-12’s as well. We have under-18 pricing, we have armed forces discount. There are plenty of opportunities to get value for money.”


“Of course, it was a setback and there’s no hiding that. I think if it wasn’t a setback then we are in the wrong business. It’s a results business and we went down to League Two, albeit we won the last game and things didn’t transpire the way we wanted to.”

The Mayflower Grandstand opportunities…

“I came here [to help] with the development of the grandstand, and to look at the hospitality proposition. The match-day hospitality is a big part of the new development and we’ll be looking to drive income for the future, but also have good product offering, not just on match-days, so conferencing and events.

“We will be able to take 500 people on match-day. We are really looking at how all that comes together for us for sustainable future because its hugely important that the club is supported by activities and opportunities when its not got the 30 days of football that we play each year. Its 300 odd days that we need the stadium to be working, all of those things are massively important. I have been leading on that.”

His experience as Liverpool’s Director of Operations…

“I went there at a very interesting time. I was there for over six years, I went there at the time when the new owners had taken over as part of the executive team there.

“I had a wide range of responsibilities as director of operations. Everything from traditional operations, then to marketing, technology, working with football and all the facilities they would have from the manager right through the club, so it was quite wide ranging. Part of that was overseeing the stand there, so all of those aspects I think have given me a really good platform for being the CEO at Argyle.”