Statement - Jane Hallett

DURING a case at Plymouth Magistrates Court this Tuesday, April 30, Stuart Duncan pled guilty to a charge of racially aggravated harassment during a game at Home Park in December.

Mr Duncan, 55, was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £1,060 and given a three-year banning order, under which he will be unable to attend league matches in England and Wales, and is excluded from Central Park around Home Park on match-days.

During the hearing, Duncan provided letters of reference, intended to demonstrate his previous good character, one of which was said to have come from Jane Hallett, the wife of Argyle chairman Simon Hallett.

Jane Hallett would like to make it absolutely clear that she was neither asked for, nor provided, a reference for Mr Duncan.

Further, Mrs Hallett does in no way condone Mr Duncan’s actions at Argyle which led to Tuesday’s court judgement, and condemns racism in all its forms.

Mrs Hallett unequivocally embraces Argyle’s Vision and Values, which were represented to the court.

Plymouth Argyle Football Club is a community-focused, values-driven, organisation, whose stated aim is to make attending football matches as inclusive and enjoyable as possible for all members of society.

We do not, and shall not, tolerate discrimination in any form, and the colour of a player or supporter's skin, nor their gender, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation or gender reassignment should have any bearing on their ability to attend matches in an atmosphere free of intimidation.

There is no place at Home Park for racism or discrimination of any kind.

There is no place in football for racism.