Argyle Account | Ticketing Update

As part of the club’s project to unify all supporter services into one easy to manage log-in, last week we took another important step, with an upgrade to allowing supporters to use their single Argyle Account moving forward.

We are delighted with the number of supporters who have now linked their ticketing account to their Argyle Account and thank supporters for their help.

Please note: When creating an Argyle Account, please ensure that you use the same email address as was previously attached to your Ticketing Account.

Otherwise you will not be able to link your accounts and may lose your entitlements and benefits. Also when linking, please ensure you’re linking to your correct supporter ID number and not a family member or child’s supporter ID number.

You can check your correct supporter ID number on your Season Card, previous tickets or booking confirmation emails.

We have picked up a few instances where parents are not selecting the correct supporter ID number and are entering their Childs account reference. Parents must ensure that they select their own supporter ID and not that of the child.

If your supporter ID isn’t displayed on that page, you should get in touch with the Ticket Office at so they can check the email and supporter id matches.

Once the adult has linked their account, they can continue to manage child accounts with the Ticketmaster network section.